It looks as if the popular site Facebook has yet another strike against it.Anyone that reads our blog here knows that I report all negative news from facebook I come across while searching the web.

On Thursday, security vendor Fortinet warned Facebook users that a popular new widget also installed Zango, software that has been labeled by some antivirus vendors as spyware. The Facebook widget, Secret Crush, promises to reveal who has a secret crush on them, and requires the user to add it to their site. Upon doing so, Fortinet says the Zango software also piggybacks in the installation without notification.
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  1. Nick the Marketer January 23, 2008 at 1:12 AM  

    Gosh, Facebook already had a problem with Beacon. They need to control their facebook applications more, especially with new facebook pages coming into play. Applications will continue to grow.

    I believe just the other day I had some applications all over my profile (not installed) but with promotions everywhere on the feeds. I wasn't even invited by a friend... how in the world did they get there? The application developers are certainly getting violent.

  2. steven wilson January 23, 2008 at 1:41 AM  

    Hi Nick
    Facebook as of now is full of unwanted bugs in my opinion.I recently deleted my account over this,but to my surprise I just read an article that claims they still lay claim to my info.
    You can read it here.

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