Forums are groups of people who are gathered around a specific topic. There are forums for online marketing,affiliate marketing,mlm,and small biz.Do a google search to find them.

The majority of people who join these forums do so to be able to discuss the topics and get new ideas and maybe meet new contacts.

Some forums are monitored by moderators who have the authority to delete non-conforming messages, or even ban people all together. Some forums are not monitored at all, and are nothing more than people placing ads . So an active,monitored forum is where you want to advertise. However, your product or service MUST be related to the topic or you will labeled as a "spammer" and banned.

Also,do not simply post ads. The most effective method is to participate in the forum introduce yourself if the forum has an introduction section, and tell a little about yourself with a link in your signature. The key is to make relative, informative, and non spam postings to the forum, so that other members recognize that you have some expertise in the area, which may inspire them to click on your link. Traffic will come your way.

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