Today's Dreams Are

Tomorrow's Successes

Don't be afraid of high hopes

or plans that seem to be out of reach.

Life is meant to be experienced,

and every situation allows for

learning and growth.

Motivation is a positive starting point,

and action places you on a forward path.

A dream is a blueprint

of a goal not yet achieved;

the only difference between the two

is the effort involved in attaining

what you hope to accomplish.

Let your mind and heart urge you on;

allow the power of your will

to lead you to your destination.

Don't count the steps ahead;

just add up the total

of steps already covered,

and multiply it by

faith, confidence, and endurance.

Always remember that

for those who persist,

today's dreams are transformed

into tomorrow's successes.

~ Kelly D. Caron ~

This will lead you to success with your online business if you allow it.



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