Wow John Chow has really hit it big with this new contest you can win $6,000 DOLLARS
$5,000 for your favorite charity ,and $1,000 dollars for yourself to use on whatever floats your boat.
If I win this contest I will donate the $5,000 to the Indianapolis Humane Society,and buy some much needed things for around the house with the $1,000.

The contest is being sponsored by is a tiny url service that is being put together with the help of its users.If you are an affiliate marketer with those long affiliate links then this is a dream come true.You will also have the ability to track your click thrus from your affiliate link with this program.
If this interest you are you are just curious give a try.


  1. suman November 25, 2008 at 1:20 AM  

    Good information and more information on affiliate marketing

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