Kelly Cutler, CEO of Marcel Media, is reporting   on the importance of blogs as a key component of a social media campaign.
Cutler goes on to say: “If your company has integrated a blog to the site, adding book-marking capabilities will help increase the number of return visitors, while also increasing links to your blog. This will increase its link popularity and its PageRank,” she says. “Including applicable articles or blogs mentioning your company and its offerings will help align your company with key phrases that are fueling your offline marketing strategy. This will continuously strengthen your direct marketing campaign.”

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She adds that using social networking helps SEO efforts. “Social networking can help accelerate the PageRank while increasing exposure quickly. As a result, social networking is an excellent tool when utilized effectively to boost direct marketing efforts.”

Your thoughts?

  1. Marcel Media February 15, 2008 at 3:36 PM  

    Thanks for the post! We're really excited about the new options social media presents. We've launched social media campaigns for some of our clients and the results have been great. Finding blogs and social networking sites in each client's niche has truly improved their qualified traffic and leads.

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