E-Consultancy has released the top ten digital trends of 2008.
A new year wouldn’t be a new year without a vast number of websites making predictions about the future of the web, and 2008 proves to be no different. From a number of different sources, we have rounded up 10 key trends that we think are the ones to watch out for in 2008.

1.Social networks advertising becomes scalable
2. Privacy will continue to be a sensitive issue
3.Internet advertising will overtake radio advertising in the US
4.Open Source will continue to dominate
5.The rise of the semantic web
6.Mobile web expected to explode in 2008
7. Video gains ground as a popular advertising medium
8.Local search marketing and advertising platforms can expect growth
9.Behavioural targeting will become more widespread - and something which is expected
10.Fear of recession will shift advertising budgets to online media
You can read the full article with a summary to all ten at E-Consultancy/News


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