We are always reading articles,and how to's on the subject of link baiting,but few on the subject
of the power of establishing a strong web presence.Peter Lenkefi has put together a great article on the subject using Britney Spears as an example.

"No, this is not a post-modern celebrity children's book, nor is this a lame Britney Spears linkbait article.

The fact is, Britney Spears fame illustrates the power of social networks and social linking perfectly. Social Linking Defined

Understanding social linking is simple: It's all about your "presence" in someone else's mind (and heart). So, on a raw emotional level, it's about how many people you've... distracted, connected with, touched, moved, angered, irritated, teased, humored, etc...

The more emotions you have evoked, the more powerful you're presence."
Full article here-The Power of Social Linking - Illustrated by Britney Spears


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