Google Lady has written a free e-book on adwords,and it can be downloaded free from her site.
The e-book will be updated as new information becomes available to it.

The contents of the e-book are.
1. Introduction to Adwords (From Google Adwords Learning Center)
a. Google And Google Adwords
b. Basic Adwords Features
c. Benefits of Adwords
2. Getting Started with Google Adwords
3. Get Unlimited Free Adwords Vouchers
4. 14 Tips on Adwords Begginers
5. What are the benefits of using all Matches
6. 49 Killer Adwords Tips
7. Adwords Copywriting Secrets for Beginners
8. 31 Killer Writing AdWords Ads Tips
9. The Ultimate Google Adwords Landing Pages Guide

You can pick up the free e-book here


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