It looks as if businesses are seeing the importance of social networking according to this report I read today.Jeff Mann,research vice president at Gartner has this to say.

Shrinking returns from business automation and the impact of Web 2.0 are conspiring to revolutionize the workplace and change the way we do business forever.Mann said that social interaction is the way most value is delivered in the modern work environment and predicted that by 2012, the primary role of business networks will be to support social interactions, not routine business transactions.

Your thought's?

You can read the full article here atPC

  1. Internet Marketing reviews November 4, 2011 at 10:55 PM  

    yeah i agree that Social networking is very important specially these days, there are billions of people using Social networking sites & it became very powerful tool for the promotion for any web business,i hope i could read the full report of Jeff Mann but i think the link is down now,. anyway thanks for sharing this info

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