As most of you know by nowBlogRush has updated to phase 2 with an updated dashboard to tell how your traffic is going.The phase 2 update was a much needed improvement to the system.

They are also reporting a new traffic program called Traffic Jam .com.We will have to wait,and see just what this has to offer.Also on the latest message from blogrush they are asking all members to have the blogrush widget posted high up on the page so people see it without having to scroll down the page very far to find it.

They are not only asking this of you they are demanding it.If you have not seen the message here is how it is stated.

(BlogRush was created as a truly COOPERATIVE
system to drive tons of valuable targeted traffic
to blogs. It only works for those willing to be
fair to the other members.

BY THE WAY, if you’re one of our valued members
that DOES have the widget placed high on your
blog, “Thank You!” You’re doing your fair
contribution to the network and we sincerely
appreciate it. (And you’ll be rewarded for it.)

Do we require that the widget be placed at the
absolute very top of your blog? NO. But if you
place the widget so that it is immediately in
view when someone loads your blog, or at the very
least is seen shortly after someone starts to
scroll, you can pretty much guarantee that you
won’t be receiving a “widget performance WARNING”
from our system asking you to improve the

If you will be unable to give the widget good
placement on your blog (similar to what is
mentioned above) then please go ahead and remove
the BlogRush widget from your blog, because I’m
afraid you won’t be able to meet our new widget
performance requirements. It’s just not fair for
our other users to be giving YOUR BLOG POSTS
great exposure on their blogs if you aren’t
willing to do the same for theirs.)

(But now the time has come to enforce a new rule
for the network… if you’re not displaying the
widget on your blog you cannot earn or use
syndication credits for your account. For any
time that the widget is not active on your
blog(s) that you have set up in your account,
none of your posts will be syndicated and your
account will not accumulate any additional
Your account can also be shut down for not following these rules.I have never heard of such nonsense in all my days of internet marketing.Someone telling you that you must place the widget where they say so is absurd to say the least.This is just one more strike against blogrush as I see it.

Just what do you think of this new policy?

  1. Anonymous November 2, 2007 at 1:06 PM  

    I've personally had it with Blogrush. I had the widget high up on my new website Catnip Corner, have repeatedly clicked to activate their widget, nothing happens, and they don't respond to my contacts. So I finally removed it today because all that is showing is an outline that says Blogrush on it. Since they don't care about customer service, I'm no longer advertising for them, and I may take it off my other blog too-haven't quite decided. I agree it's a bit much to insist where their widget is on our page.

  2. rhyan November 2, 2007 at 2:26 PM  

    I been using blogrush but what's confuse me is why introduced another stuff with the same function or purpose? how about just improving blogrush rather than pushing a new one.

  3. steven wilson November 3, 2007 at 8:09 PM  

    Thanks for your comments.I personally do not see blogrush as adding any value to bringing traffic to your site.I am leaving it up on my site for a short period longer,and then I believe it will be history.

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