I came across this article today on seo marketing steps to boost your sales that I found to be interesting,and wanted to share.

Anyone following these 7 Steps can easily achieve a top ranking with the SEO marketing. What is phenomenal is that this can be done all in house...

1. First ensure that the desired search terms are used in context with meaningful content. This essentially described how their clients can benefit from boosting their revenues and profits, with specialist business development. The content further described how focusing on improving a companies sales and marketing capability, is crucial to its success.

2. Secondly publish an extensive collection of sales and marketing focused articles, which you have authored - to the top article directories. The success of this was multiplied by the fact that many people really like the articles, and indeed put them on their own websites with your links in place.

3. Thirdly, regularly submit your website to all of the key directories, with new and fresh content, which still tells the story of their commitment to sales and marketing excellence.

4. Stay focused on the location, and make sure that everybody knows that your company is from particular region, that understands its Geographical business development challenges. This indeed helps with your global sales as well.

5. Members of your company should Blog regularly, with links to your font page, giving valuable insights into how does your company helps its clients.

6. Also issue press releases, which add immense value to the journalists. By linking to an interesting angle, with well written stories, they make journalists life easier.

7. Lastly maximize the use of accessibility guidelines, to provide descriptive "alt" text with your graphics. Too many companies just try to load the alt tags with key words.

Above techniques truly confirms that content is King. By following these simple yet totally ethical guidelines, it is anticipated that the reader should be able to propel their rankings, and actually boost sales.

Author is owner of Realwebtalk.com - A Webmaster Discussion Community and works as part time SEO. His succesfull ventures include Indexrated Directory & SEO Care Directory. Check out more stuff related to SEO and other things on Blogs.Realwebtalk.com. This article is free for publishing as long as the author tag remains intact.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Amish_Mody

  1. Matthew Anton October 26, 2007 at 2:12 PM  

    good read..I find press releases and article submissions to work well. There's always more to learn about SEO

  2. steven wilson October 26, 2007 at 6:36 PM  

    Hi Matthew
    I always enjoy reading articles on seo.Cannot get there without it.

    Thank for your comment

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