BlogRush has updated the dashboard and gave members statistics on how things are performing. I checked out mine and was really disappointed at the click through rate.

I have noticed around the web many blogs reporting this same thing.If you have checked your BlogRush dashboard recently, then you might have noticed this message being shown:

"Click-through rates are very low right now due to problems with some users cheating the system. We are a few days away from removing all abuse from the system and you will see your click-rates increase. We are also moving to a Manual Review Process for all member blogs which will also increase the traffic you receive. Thank you for your patience — we’re working hard to improve this beta version of our service."

They have added more color variations for your widget to help it match your blogs template.
I have taken the widget down from my sidebar because of its low traffic,and the fact it slowed down the loading of my site.

How is the blogrush widget working for you?

  1. Amy October 17, 2007 at 11:48 PM  

    well, most of your post went completely over my simple little head except for the part about how stats are lower lately than in the past. That's something that's been driving me nuts! My stats were really getting high for a while and lately, they're like 1/2 every day and i can't figure it out! i'm not really doing much different other than i'm not out there lurking for a couple hours a day - more like 20 minutes but that shouldn't really make that big of a difference. what's with blog rush anyway? i don't even know what the heck that is? btw, thanks for visiting my site. i'm just now getting around to paying back the favor. sorry it took so long - glad you liked the ghost post though!

  2. steven wilson October 18, 2007 at 8:57 AM  

    Hi Amy
    Blogrush has been working on the stats issue as of late.We will have to give it sometime to see if it improves.

    The ghost thingy was great indeed.

    Take care

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