Here is the introduction taken from blog picks from the owner Jon.

Hey all,
I want to introduce my new site called BlogPicks . It is a topsite for blogs. How it works is you submit your site to our list, and you place a link code to your blog’s home page (either text or banner). Every time you send a visitor to BlogPicks, it registers as a unique hit. The more hits you send us, the higher up your site is ranked. And the higher up your site is on the page the more exposure you get!

This site is completely free and is very clean and user friendly. It is not covered in advertisements. As traffic starts coming in, more and more people will see your blog and visit it. All of our traffic will be genuine. It will come from visitors surfing other blogs or from search engines. We will never "buy" fake traffic and we will constantly monitor for cheating.

So please feel free to submit your blog(s) and insert your link code to your blog. If you have more than one blog, do not use the same link for all of them, instead use the Join form for each. Thanks a lot for your help in starting this community. Good luck!

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