Internet Marketing Secret: Why Internet Marketing Secrets Don't Work and how to make them work.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

1. You buy a new product

Gosh, it sounds awesome. And did I mention that it's every-so-much-easier than than that last "nasty" method you tried that was just too hard?

2. You get excited

I mean, how could you NOT be excited? This one is the REAL deal, unlike the last 3 things you've tried.

3. You scrape together some time to try it.

This is no easy deal. You gotta convince the spouse to let you be alone at the keyboard. You gotta get your kids to NOT come trouncing into the room. You gotta stop the phone from ringing.

4. You start following those ever-so-easy steps.

5. Boom! You run into "the brick wall"!

The brick wall is that thing that supposed to work but doesn't.



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