Unleashing the Idea Virus by Seth Godin.

The book is called "Unleashing the Idea Virus", and
it's written by Seth Godin.

The book is about viral marketing, which is probably
the most overlooked form of marketing (especially by
'newbies') and one of the most powerful as well.

Best of all, *most* viral marketing techniques cost
almost nothing to put into practice.

Seth is one of the best marketers on the planet, and
pretty much invented much of what is considered 'must
do' by today's marketers.

Little things like viral marketing and permission based
marketing were invented by Seth's nimble mind.

Fair warning about this book ... it's 197 pages long so
you won't read it in one sitting. But it *is* worth the
time to read.

It sells offline for about twenty bucks, but you can
have it free AND give it to others by using this
private link.



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