Many people dream about working at home in their own business - it's the next step

in the American dream. You have the opportunity to be your own boss, create your

own hours, and truly become the master of your own success and prosperity. There

is no dependence on tenure, pension or promotions, and the money you bring in is

directly correlated to your efforts - not a predetermined salary. Pretty powerful stuff.

There are many different types of home businesses online, to include network

marketing, direct sales, and affiliate sales. All of these allow you to work at home in

YOUR comfort zone. But, all of us who have been in the industry for awhile will tell

you that, although there are a multitude of business building and marketing

approaches you can take, there are a set of groundrules that are consistent across

all industry lines. In order to be truly successful, these must be followed.

1. Treat Your Business Like a Business - NOT a Hobby: I have seen so many

people fail in their business because they do just the opposite of this. How much

does a hobby pay? NOTHING - enough said.

2. Be Consistent: Pick a single marketing approach and master it before moving on

to something else. If you are running an e-zine campaign, commit to submitting adds

every week - not every month or when you feel like it. You must be consistent if you

want to be taken seriously.

3. Make a Schedule and Stick To It: You don't need to work 12 hours a day, 7 days

a week to be successful in your business, but you do need to work and the

schedule needs to be established. What would happen if you only showed up to

your current job ‘every so often’? How long until you were fired?

4. Advertise & Market: You cannot grow (or even start) a business without this. It

amazes me that people think they can put $10 into a home business and then put

$10 more into advertising and expect to be rich in two weeks. Doesn't work like that.

People won't know about your perfect product or ground breaking opportunity

unless you tell them about it.

5. Stay POSITIVE: There will be challenges - do not even doubt this and don't be

surprised when they come up. The important aspect of this is how you choose to

react to these challenges. If you get down every time you're presented with a

roadblock, you won't get too far. Do not let negativity steal your dreams. Get around

and stay around positive people. Do this in your personal life and in your business.

6. Keep Learning: You should make a point to read at least an hour a day. The

latest criminal thriller does not count...I'm talking about books that will educate you

on how to drive your business and personal development forward to the next level.

Look for books on network marketing, personal development, leadership, etc. A

great place to start is John Milton Fogg's book, The Greatest Networker in the World.

7. Create a Budget: Especially if you are just starting out, you have limited funds to

spend on advertising. You need to know exactly how much you can spend each

month and exactly how much certain forms of advertising will cost you. Focus on the

things that will create a bigger bang for your buck. In the beginning the money will

be slow to come in...understand that and plan ahead.

8. Write Down Your Goals and Identify Your WHY: This is probably one of the

most important items on this list. Without clearly identified goals, you will have no

idea where you are going. If you don't know where you are going, how will you know

how to get there?

9. Stay Focused: Do not lose sight of your must focus your attention and

energy on these every day. Do not let little things or the 'latest and greatest'

product distract you.

10. Dedicate a Work Space: You must have a space (no matter how big or how

small) that you can call your own while you are working. Lock the door, turn off the

TV and focus. Don't let anyone or anything enter that space that will cause


If you can master these 10 things, you will be that much closer to becoming

successful in your home business. Welcome to a truly wonderful and inspiring


Good Luck,

Steven Wilson



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