Shoemoney has published a tip coming from a secret source that Google is going to be offering paid reviews via their Google AdSense system and is looking for beta testers.

Jeremy gives some reasons this just may be workable.
Publishers - Google already has a amazingly huge database of publishers.

Advertisers - Nobody has no online advertisers then Google AND now they they have taped into the news, magazine and radio network they have access to tap even more advertisers on the shoulder to pay for reviews of their service.

Blogger - Google already owns the biggest blog network in the world and they seem to already have a relationship with wordpress for easy implementation of Google AdSense on (that would make sense anyway).

Metrics - Between Google toolbar, Adsense, and Pagerank data Google has by far the best metrics to price a site for a review. They already use these metrics for Adwords in selling contextual ads and links.

What do you think? Should Google step into the paid review market?

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  1. Tom Hanna January 30, 2008 at 3:35 AM  

    It would be kind of hypocritical after they slammed the page rank of so many bloggers who were doing paid reviews and other paid links. That sort of hypocrisy would seem to conflict with the Google motto "Don't be evil."

  2. steven wilson January 30, 2008 at 11:48 PM  

    Hi Tom
    You are correct it would be hypocritical of them,but just maybe this is why they put a stop to people using paid links.One never knows just what google is up to.

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